Bisi Alimi: is 2Baba’s enabler 


Bisi Alimi: is 2Baba’s enabler 

Bisi Alimi aka Lucifer has referred to 2Baba’s wife, Annie Idibia as an “enabler.”

An enabler is someone who gives someone else the power to behave in a certain way.

He described the movie star as such while arguing on why she shouldn’t be ‘pitied’ by people.

He was reacting to the recent speculation which arose after 2Baba’s public apology to his wife, kids and entire family.

Many wondered the reason behind his apology particularly since there’s been less drama from the Idibia quarter’s lately.

Consequently, a rumour popped up that 2face had yet impregnated another lady, presumed to be a banker and was expecting his eight child; hence the public apology.

Annie responded by publicly reaffirming her undying love for her “a guy.”

According to her ‘their love was not for everyone”, adding, she would “love him till she dies and a day ”

With the speculation and Annie’s reaction to same, Alimi concluded she was an enabler which is why people should save their sympathy for her.

Lucifer argued men like the “African Queen” singer needed women like his wife to ‘make the puzzle complete’.

He said: “Annie Idibia is an enabler, stop having pity on her.

“Men like 2Face need women like Annie to make the puzzle complete. Good luck to them both.”


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