Latest: Omokri kicks against proposed ban of Ponmo


Latest: Omokri kicks against proposed ban of Ponmo

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has reacted to Federal Government’s proposed ban on ponmo consumption.

On Monday, the Federal Government sparked reactions when it announced plans of proposing a law to ban the consumption of animal skin, locally known as ponmo, to revive tanneries.

The Director-General, Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology (NILEST), Zaria, Muhammad Yakubu, stated the litigation was necessary to revive the comatose leather industry.

He said the habit of eating animal skin, which has no nutritional value, should be stopped to save the industry and boost the nation’s economy.

Reacting, just like many other happy jolly ponmo consumers, Omokri said any attempt by the government to pull through with the proposed ban would simply be denying many of their happiness.

He admitted the poor masses don’t consume ponmo for its ‘nutritional value’ which is non-existent but do so because it’s a delicacy that gladdens their hearts.

He advised govt to rather ban imported alcoholic drinks which he described as luxurious wastes than ponmo which is the common man’s happiness.

“Poor Nigerians don’t eat ponmo for its nutritional value. They eat it because it is a delicacy that makes them happy.

“By banning it, you ban the happiness of many people. If we want to improve the economy, then ban luxurious wastes, like imported alcoholic drinks! #TableShaker,” he tweeted.


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