Latest: Omoni Oboli celebrates friendship with McDermott, Akpotha, Jumbo


Latest: Omoni Oboli celebrates friendship with McDermott, Akpotha, Jumbo

Actress Omoni Oboli has celebrated almost two decades of friendship with her colleagues-turned-sisters, Ufuoma McDermott, Chioma Akpotha and Uche Jombo.

The quad has continued to make many grin with envy as they replicated friendship goals, particularly with their recent visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The besties spent several weeks in Dubai where they engaged in numerous fun activities and had time to bond even more.

The movie stars aka ‘Dubai Girls’ visited several recreational places, wore matching outfits at various times and made sure they captured each moment on camera to always relive the beautiful memories.

Speaking of their friendship, Oboli marveled they were even much tighter after over 15 years together.

She admitted there were times they quarreled, fought and got under one another’s skin but always came back stronger because of the deep love they possessed for one another.

The mother of three also encouraged individuals to imbibe the culture of sustaining long-term friendships.

Obi wrote: “Who would have thought that over 15 years later, our friendship will be even tighter? Ladies…let’s normalize staying close through it all.

“We quarrel, we fight, we annoy the heck out of each other but we love and we love DEEP! Through it all, the one question remains…’does she love me?’ She does so let’s keep going!

“Like Ufuoma said ‘friendship is not an absence of conflict’. I always say that love covers a multitude of sins. Tag your besties, let me help you celebrate them.”


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