Latest: Skit makers Twinz Love gifts mom new car


Latest: Skit makers Twinz Love gifts mom new car

Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji, AKA Twinz Love, have warmed their mother’s heart with a surprise gift of a brand new car.

The twin comic acts poured encomiums on ‘iya ibeji’ who was emotional as they presented her with the brand new SUV.

They shared different photos of when they presented their ‘pillar’ with her gift noting there was absolutely nothing in this world they wouldn’t do for her.

Caught up in several emotions as a result of the love shown her by young daughters, ‘iya ibeji’ broke down in hot tears and showered prayers on them as they knelt down.

Captioning their post via their joint Instagram page, Twinz Love wrote: ”

“We Got Our Mum a Car. Congratulations IYA IBEJI. Iya ibeji fainted o.

“Iya Ibeji, our pillar, ever strong, always there! There is absolutely nothing we will not do for iya Ibeji. She deserves our big thank you all day everyday.”


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