MC Lively: Why i quite law school to pursue comedy


MC Lively: Why i quite law school to pursue comedy

The Nigerian comic actor, Mc lively, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, a media personality, has opened up about his struggles with his profession.

Mc lively said though he enjoyed his profession as a lawyer and excelled at it, but that he wasn’t feeling fulfilled in it. And it was a huge problem for him to make people understand his interest as a comedian.

Comparing his life to that of singer, Falz, who also dumped law for entertainment, Mc Lively concluded in his statement by saying that Falz is an inspiration and mentor to him

In his statement:
“I love law so much, and I excelled at it. But there’s such a struggle between what one does in school, and what obtains in real life. I mean, how do I go to law school and spend such huge amounts of money, and straight out of Law School, I’m being offered N5,000 per month. And before I even got that particular one, I had gone to 3 or 4 different chambers. Now, imagine what I would have to go through when I want to get an actual job.

It was such a huge problem when I was in law school, telling people that I wanted to be a comedian. People would always ask why I spent 5 years, including law school, just to end up as a comedian. Most times, when you want to do something, it’s always easier when there’s someone who has done that same thing. And I’m usually like Falz the Bahd Guy also he studied Law too. I just want to say, Thank you, boss; that’s one of my greatest inspirations and mentors.”


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