Mercy Aigbe Reveals  Why She engaged in brawl at a party


Mercy Aigbe Reveals  Why She engaged in brawl at a party

Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe has revealed why she engaged in a brawl with a businesswoman Omolara Olukotun (Larrit) at a friend’s party on Sunday.

Video of the altercation between Mercy and Larrit has trended so well on social media, as the woman was seen hauling a bottle at the actress.

She took to her Instagram Story late Monday to explain what actually happened at the party and why she confronted Larrit.

According to her, she had been bullied online several times by Larrit, as. She called her unprintable names unprovoked.

Mercy said on Sunday at the party, she took it a step further by physically assaulting her.

She wrote: “I was at a friend’s store opening to celebrate with her. Larrit was one of the guests. This woman, for reasons best known to her, slanders me online at every opportunity she gets. She has done many live videos and posts to this effect. I tried to reach out to her to understand what the issues were, but she chose to ignore me.

“Lara and I are acquaintances, I have patronised her business and she also has done otherwise. So I was surprised and confused how she suddenly became an enemy. I sent messages to her n WhatsApp, I called a few people close to her to understand why she would decide to be an antagonist. All efforts proved abortive.”

Mercy added that at the party, Larrit started with the same energy, throwing words at her, calling her names and being disrespectful.

“Initially, I kept calm, and didn’t respond to her. People around her appealed to her to stop, yet Lara wouldn’t stop and so decided to stand up for myself and I retaliated with the same energy.

“It became heated and everyone around tried to broker peace, but she still wouldn’t stop. At some point, she tried to throw a bottle at me but it hit a lady sitting in front of her and there was pandemonium.

“I stepped out to leave in the middle of the brouhaha but my friend pleaded with me to stay including the celebrant. I went back in and she started attacking me verbally again. Eventually, she was taken out of the party, and she left.

“She went overboard with her hate yesterday (Sunday). The bottle could have harmed someone and it would become a criminal case. This was an unnecessary attack. However, I would like to apologise to fans and family who felt I should have handled the whole situation differently. I’m sorry.

“Moving forward, I am a peace-loving person and would really like to put these whole episode behind me. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me. I am very fine, the bottle did not touch me at all as I was far from her. Sadly, it touched someone else but I was told she wasn’t injured and she is also fine,” she narrated.


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