Update: Stating virginity status online risky, Okowa’s aide tells Ashmusy


Update: Stating virginity status online risky, Okowa’s aide tells Ashmusy

Ossai Ovie Success has spoken on publicly declaring one’s virginity status.

His post was precisely addressed to skit maker, Ashmusy who claimed she’s still a virgin.

Born Amarachi Amusi, the 27-year-old content creator expressed gladness over having been able to keep her promise of ‘chastity’ to self.

She claimed it was her vow many years ago to stay pious till marriage.

Addressing Ashmusy’s claim in a Facebook post, Success chastised her for bringing such information to the public space.

He termed boasting about one’s virginity online and using same as a criterion of being a good wife material for her future hubby as ‘stupidity’.

He advised young ladies against treading Ashmusy’s path, arguing with her ‘stupid’ post, she had only just succeeded in putting her ‘virginity’ at risk but prayed for God’s protection over her.

The post title reads: “Being a virgin doesn’t makes you a wife material.”

Continuing, Ossai stated: “It’s act of St*pidity for anyone to come online boasting about her virginity and using it as a criteria of being a good wife material to her future hubby .

“Keeping your virginity is the best gift a woman can give to her husband but coming online to tell the world that you are a virgin is absolutely st*pidity.

“To the young ladies out there, please do everything possible to keep your virginity for your husband but don’t be tempted to come online to tell the world about it.

“Yes, I commend Ashmusy for keeping her virginity but at the same I condemned her for coming online to disclose the status of her virginity.

“Ashmusy should have made her virginity a secret gift to her future husband and not coming online to tell us.

“In case she doesn’t know, she is putting her virginity at risk because there are so many bad guys out there. I pray God to protect her.”


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